Steve Young: State of Seattle's QB situation

FORT WORTH, Texas -- For the third time, a big thanks goes to Hall of Fame quarterback and ESPN analyst Steve Young for taking time Friday morning to discuss quarterback situations for each NFC West team.

I'm breaking out his thoughts and adding my own, continuing with a look at the situation in Seattle, where Matt Hasselbeck can become a free agent after following a poor regular season with a productive postseason.

Steve Young: I could not figure out why a guy who knows so much about the offense he is running was not getting more out of it. I was excited to see Matt toward the end of the season. When guys have been around and had success, there are so few guys like that. He is real marketable. I think the 49ers would like to have him, to be honest with you. So, I think whatever needs to be fixed, fix it. If it's health, get healthy. If it's the offensive line, get it figured out. Because Matt should be more productive than he has been.

My thoughts: The Seahawks face a bit of a dilemma. Ideally, they would consider trading for a younger quarterback they felt fit their system, whether it's Kevin Kolb or someone else. They would then re-sign Hasselbeck if doing so wound up being their best option. Realistically, the team has pledged to deal honestly and openly with Hasselbeck. Letting him hit the market would carry risk, particularly if Young is right in saying a division rival might want to sign him. Unfortunately for the Seahawks, they went through Pete Carroll's first season without getting an extended look at Charlie Whitehurst. It would be tough heading into the season banking on him as the starter. The offensive line needs upgrading. The Seahawks addressed the position in the first round of the draft last year. They'll need to keep addressing it in the 2011 draft and with whatever free agency offers this offseason. Upgrading the line will give Hasselbeck or any quarterback a better chance to benefit from offensive balance. But the position remains unsettled long term.