Roided-out NFC West rosters: Expanded

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando
I've added significant functionality to the 26-column roided-out rosters I've been maintaining and making available on the blog over the last year or so.

Opening the file takes you to a summary sheet allowing for customization. Simply place your cursor on the chart, then use your mouse to drag and drop categories into their appropriate areas (column labels, row labels, values, etc.). The process becomes self-explanatory after a few minutes of tinkering.

The chart in this blog entry duplicates the information I've selected within the file. The Cardinals' projected starting offensive linemen for 2009 averaged 16.0 starts last season. The Rams' projected starting running backs averaged 9.5 starts last season. And so on.

The file still includes the usual rosters for each team, with information for every player who has spent time with the team over the last two-plus seasons.
I have added a master sheet listing every current active player on the team. Information from this "All Players" sheet feeds into the "Summary" sheet; any changes made to the "All Players" sheet will be reflected on the "Summary" sheet once you right-click on the chart and refresh th
e data.

The Summary sheet also allows for additional analysis. Simply double-click on one of the cells in the chart to generate a list of players associated with the information.

Some of the information in the above chart will change. Including rookies such as Michael Crabtree, James Laurinaitis and Aaron Curry among projected starters lowered some of the figures. Calais Campbell, Gabe Watson and Darnell Dockett are listed as projected starters on the Cardinals' defensive line, producing a low average for 2008 starts.

The beauty of the file is that you don't have to accept my projections. You can insert your own and play around with different combinations. Just make sure you refresh the data in the chart after making changes to the "All Players" sheet.

Also: Extra credit to anyone who finds an error on one of the rosters. I caught two when updating these, both related to 2008 start information (figures for Dre Bly and Steven Jackson were not importing properly for technical reasons; those are fixed).