Dent would have refused Singletary's command

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

Pat Kirwan's recent Sirius interview with Bears legend Richard Dent produced an entertaining visual when Kirwan asked Dent about 49ers coach Mike Singletary, his former teammate.

Dent said he would have defied the coach if Singletary had ordered him into the locker room early, as Singletary had with 49ers tight end Vernon Davis. I think that type of thing is easy to say when you're 48 years old and hanging out at a golf tournament, as Dent was, but imagine what might have happened if Davis had defied Singletary last season.

Dent to Kirwan: "I really respect Mike, but there's no way I would have left the field. Mike and I could talk about it, but no way I leave the field without my teammates."

Of course, Singletary never would have used such tactics on a player with Dent's credentials. That was the whole point. Davis hadn't built up enough equity to act the way he was acting. Singletary made an important stand as he took control of the team.