Carroll seeking fine for play hurting Okung

Seattle Seahawks left tackle Russell Okung was playing through the whistle Thursday night when he continued blocking the Philadelphia Eagles' Trent Cole away from the play.

Sustaining the block that long wasn't really necessary. Seattle was running out the final minutes of a 31-14 victory. Cole wasn't a threat to make a tackle.

Okung's persistence was of the type that tends to annoy defensive linemen. It was unnecessary, but within the rules and reflecting the tenacity line coaches seek when telling players to finish their blocks.

What happened next falls into the "unfortunate" category. Cole got upset. He latched onto Okung and used great force in flipping the 310-pound tackle over his hip and onto the ground.

Okung suffered a pectoral injury that could end his season. His coach, Pete Carroll, used his radio show with 710ESPN Seattle to lobby for league discipline against Cole, though he did not mention Cole by name.

"That guy is responsible for hurting Russell in a really unnecessary situation and hopefully the league will take care of that," Carroll told the station.

Nothing yet from Cole's Twitter account. The league isn't likely to review this play until it reviews other plays from Week 13 early next week.