Curry's salary not a concern for Rams

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

Andrew asks via Facebook: Can you give me a quick run down of [Ronald] Curry's remaining contract? 30-year-old wideout with a history of nagging injuries and a few big seasons has me worried that we [the Rams] might be paying more than we are going to get back.

Mike Sando: Not to worry, Andrew. Curry was playing for $620,000, the minimum salary for a player with his experience. The Rams are taking virtually no risk by acquiring Curry and his contract from the Lions for Orien Harris. They can give Curry a long look during camp and then decide whether he fits into their plans, and in what capacity. If Curry doesn't have anything left, big deal. Harris wasn't going to be a key player for the Rams even if he earned a roster spot.