Andre Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald and WRs

We're still getting comments on the wide receiver power rankings from Tuesday.

The Houston Texans' Andre Johnson prevailed over the Arizona Cardinals' Larry Fitzgerald for the top spot. I've gone through Pro Football Reference to find which active receivers have given NFC West teams the most trouble, as defined by single-game receiving performances featuring at least 150 yards.

In a surprise, Johnson has as many of these 150-yard games against NFC West teams as Fitzgerald -- three. Fitzgerald cannot play against his own team, but he's still obviously played far more games against NFC West teams than Johnson.

This isn't the only way to measure receivers' performances, but it's one way. Note, too, that San Francisco and St. Louis have each allowed seven of these games, while the Cardinals have allowed only one.

150-yard WR Performances vs. NFC West Teams: Active WRs Only

The second chart breaks down these performances by which opponents allowed them.

150-yard WR Performances Allowed: Active WRs Only