More to consider in the Rams' Bulger debate

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

The Rams sound pleased with Marc Bulger's work through the first several days of training camp. A coach can easily speak in generalities to avoid answering a question directly. Steve Spagnuolo latched onto specifics when reporters in St. Louis asked him about Bulger's accuracy.

Spagnuolo: Steady. You hit the nail on the head. Accuracy. He is a very accurate quarterback. A couple throws the other day, I'm not sure how many other quarterbacks could have made those throws. If he keeps doing that and stays steady and [offensive coordinator] Pat [Shurmur] and [assistant head coach and quarterbacks coach] Dick [Curl] keep working with him, he'll be OK.

I think that's true if the protection is also there. The Bulger debate is a hot one among Rams fans, and I see both sides. Bulger doesn't always effectively convey the idea that he's the man, he's in charge and he's leading the team or offense. Those things are hard to convey when an organization -- and the offensive line -- is crumbling around you, as the case has been in recent seasons.

Kurt Warner took a beating late in his Rams career, and he was able to rebound. The reality for Bulger is that he might have only this season to show he's the right man for the position in St. Louis.