Logic prevails: No playoff re-seeding

The NFL has bigger things to worry about than reseeding the playoffs to prevent another division winner from qualifying with a losing record.

The Atlanta Falcons' Rich McKay, chairman of the competition committee, told reporters during a conference call Wednesday the issue could be losing support. As a result, the issue is off the agenda for the 2011 owners' meetings, which begin next week.

The Seattle Seahawks made history last season by winning the NFC West with a 7-9 record, the first team to ever win their division with a losing record. They earned a playoff berth while the New York Giants and Tampa Bay Buccaneers missed the NFC postseason cut despite 10-6 records.

The Giants and Bucs had reason to be frustrated with their fates last season. Both teams defeated Seattle convincingly during the regular season. Both teams finished three games ahead of Seattle in the overall NFC standings.

My feeling, however, was that winning a division should still count for something significant -- a guaranteed home playoff game, in this case -- or else why have divisions at all? Also, why revamp the playoff system in reaction to something so historically rare?

It's a question that could beg for revisiting in the future. Realignment into four-team divisions has increased the likelihood that losing teams will prevail.

As noted last month, the NFL produced four losing teams within the division on four occasions between 1990 and 2001, the years immediately prior to realignment. Those divisions had more than four teams, however.

A look back at the "offending" divisions -- those with at least four losing teams -- from 1990 through this past season ...


2010 NFC West Standings

The 2001 AFC Central featured the defending Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens and a Pittsburgh Steelers team that went 13-3 with Kordell Stewart at quarterback.

2001 AFC Central Standings

The 1997 San Francisco 49ers went 13-3, including 1-0 with Jim Druckenmiller as the starting quarterback. The rest of the NFC West that season? Not so good.

1997 NFC West Standings

Eric Pegram and Bam Morris carried the rushing load for the 1995 AFC Central champion Steelers. The Cincinnati Bengals went 7-9 that season despite getting 28 touchdown passes from Jeff Blake.

1995 AFC Central Standings

The 1990 Chicago Bears won the NFC Central with quarterback Jim Harbaugh posting a 10-4 starting record. Harbaugh finished that season with 10 touchdown passes and four more scores on the ground.

1990 NFC Central Standings