Bracket fame fleeting for young Hasselbeck

The high life among NCAA Tournament Challenge leaders can be fleeting.

Henry Hasselbeck, 5-year-old son of Seattle Seahawks quarterback Matt, will have to settle for his 15 minutes of bracket fame.

"Sister might overtake Henry," Matt Hasselbeck tweeted over the weekend. "He's been reading his own press clippings."

Then came word that Hasselbeck's wife, Sarah, had passed the not-quite-prodigal son.

Young Henry's bracket, filled out mostly based on which team mascots he liked most, has fallen hard after ranking as high as 103rd out of nearly six million entrants. The overall leaderboard shows top-scoring jspearlman1 with his Final Four intact and Virginia Commonwealth as the projected national champion.

Henry's bracket stands in 12,923rd place. Kentucky is his lone Final Four team remaining, but he had the Wildcats losing to Duke, with Florida winning the national title.

It could be worse, Henry. Much worse.

My bracket ranked 1,947,712th coming out of the weekend, with no Final Four teams remaining and VCU losing to Georgetown in the first round.