Say what? Rams try out 5-foot-7 tight end

Three of the St. Louis Rams' tight ends stand 6-foot-4. A fourth, former basketball player Fendi Onobun, is two inches taller.

The guy playing the position during a recent Rams walk-through stands all of 5-7. His name: Steve Spagnuolo, head coach.

It's apparently the best the Rams can do during the ongoing NFL lockout.

"Normally, we would have 90 or 30 minutes with our players here during the offseason program," Spagnuolo told 101ESPN St. Louis recently. "You would go out, you would do walk-throughs."

Not during the lockout.

"We're going to go out as an offensive staff," Spagnuolo said. "I'm going to be the tight end and we're going to go out and we're going to call plays as an offensive staff and just slowly learn the things on the field, because you can only do so much as a coaching staff sitting in the meeting room looking at film and whatnot."

Spagnuolo joked that he prefers playing tight end to receiver or running back because the position is less demanding from an alignment standpoint. He said the Rams' staff could travel to coaching clinics following the draft if the lockout continues.