Martz weighs in on Rams, Cards, Favre, Cutler

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

Frank Cusumano of 590 The Fan in St. Louis caught up with former Rams coach and 49ers offensive coordinator Mike Martz. I found the audio in the media player on their site, but did not see a direct link to it.

Martz offered his thoughts on a range of subjects, saying he thought a healthy and committed Brett Favre would make the Vikings an elite team.

Martz on the Vikings: "The only thing missing is that quarterback, and it is missing. The guys they have there now are really 2s and 3s. ... For Brett, this doesn't make sense if he is not completely healthy or if he is not sure he wants to come back. Then it would be a catastrophe for the club and Brett. If he is healed and ready to go, then I think this is a wonderful thing."

Martz on Kyle Boller starting while Marc Bulger is hurt: "You know how I feel about Mark. I just think he is exceptional. I think he is so unusual in so many ways. I think he can do so many things. Kyle, this is just about his time. I think it takes four years in the league, sometimes five, for guys to really get it. It did with Trent [Green], it did with Kurt [Warner]. It's his time. He's had a lot of experience. When guys get a little bit down at a club and they change clubs, it gives them new life and I think there's a real chance that will happen with Kyle."

Martz on the Cardinals: "I think they have a chance to be an elite NFC team. This past season, I thought Kurt played exceptionally well. I thought he played even better the year before, though the team wasn't as good. I think Kurt is playing better than he ever has right now. I think he's playing better than he did even with us when we went to the Super Bowl.

"I think that as you look back at his career and you look at Kurt when this whole thing is done, he does something better than anybody in the league has ever done. He sees things so well and can digest it and make good decisions with accuracy better than anybody I have ever seen. He is truly unusual. I think he's got this year left and if he can stay healthy, the arm feels good, he has defied the odds his whole career, so who is to say he doesn't have this year and another year, anyway?

"I do think they needed a running back bad. I don't know if they've got that guy down there. Time will tell. The offensive line has improved. Defensively, I've always felt like [Arizona] has been really talented on defense. Just a little confused at times. They were weak in the secondary. They have bolstered that now with the young corner that they got last year. This is going to be a strong NFC team, no question about it."

Martz on Jay Cutler in Chicago: "You have a great quarterback, you can have an average group of receivers. He is so accurate. There are so many things he does well. When I graded him, I gave him the highest score of any quarterback I ever graded coming into the NFL. I thought the three best were [Ben] Roethlisberger, [Peyton] Manning and Cutler that I either worked out or graded on tape.

"Cutler does so many things so well. His ability to make plays off-balance under pressure is uncanny. He has the best arm of anybody I have seen, but the arm strength has never really impressed me as much as the accuracy along with that. He makes all the throws, he's smart, when you visit with him, he's got tons of character.

"This is just a great time for Lovie [Smith] and I think those receivers, the ball gets out so quick, much quicker than it has in the past, it gives them the opportunity to run after the catch. It'll change their way of running routes and their enthusiasm. It will give them a lot of energy."

As for Martz? He's out of football this season. He said he needed the year off and he hopes to return in some capacity next season.