Rams' Brown takes Bulger's injury personally

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

The quarterback-center exchange is close to automatic. Key word: close. Rams center Jason Brown said he was slightly quick with his delivery on the snap that left quarterback Marc Bulger with a non-displaced fracture to the pinky finger on his throwing hand.

Brown: "I was a hair of a second early. His hands weren't fully open, so I caught his pinky in an awkward situation. It was a rough day for me (Monday). I never want something like that to be on my watch."

Bulger: "Squeezing my hands a little bit earlier than the ball came up, and my finger was bent a little bit and hit it the wrong way."

Bulger and Brown are counting a combined $14.7 million against the Rams' salary cap, or about 11.5 percent of the general $128 million limit. Having one of them injured during the game's most routine transaction qualifies as a costly fluke.

A similar mishap broke Kurt Warner's finger when he was with the Rams in 2000. The most serious finger injury I recall for a quarterback was the one Steve DeBerg suffered with Kansas City during the 1990 season. The bone popped through the skin. DeBerg played with a pin sticking out of the finger. I remember wincing on his behalf every time he handed off.

Bulger's injury isn't nearly so serious. He would try to play this week if the Rams had a regular-season game, Bulger said.