A wake-up call for Newton, rookie QBs

The initial video featuring Jon Gruden and Cam Newton lent itself to tongue-in-cheek analysis.

GrudenGrudenThe tack I took then -- jokingly counting how many words each managed to speak, in hopes of determining how well Newton held up -- applied unexpectedly in the followup video.

This time, Gruden unleashed upon Newton the sort of verbiage quarterbacks must know in calling out basic plays, protections and the like.

"Flip right double X jet 36 counter on a naked waggle at seven X quarter," Gruden said.

The coach-turned-ESPN analyst then asked Newton to come back with something similar from Auburn's playbook. Newton had no comparable answer, saying the team would call out "36" and everyone would know what to do.

I'm reminded me of the commercial Matt Hasselbeck filmed a few years back in which he tapped into his playbook for the bedtime stories he read to his small kids.

"The best play here is probably out of regular," Hasselbeck said to his perplexed children, referencing the Seattle Seahawks' base personnel grouping. "We can just go change right, A right, two jet dancer, fake 40 X shallow cross."

As Hasselbeck noted, the language can sound nonsensical enough to put just about anyone to sleep. The effect for Newton and other rookie quarterbacks might more closely resemble a wake-up call.