Picks for entertainment only unless I'm right

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

The headline says it all. Most of us like to at least appear smart or prescient, and these predictions often have the opposite effect. For the record, I'm picking the Chargers to beat the Eagles in the next Super Bowl. Which means those teams are probably doomed.

Note: The first thing I noticed about our 2008 NFL predictions was that changes I submitted in the editing process hadn't shown up on the first version posted. Those updates have been made, leaving me alone as the sole ESPN.com contributor to anoint the Eagles as NFC champs. That is worth noting for those who archive these picks and keep score later.

A look at how the voting went for division winners:

  • NFC WEST: Seahawks 14, Cardinals 2, 49ers 0, Rams 0.

  • NFC SOUTH: Saints 15, Panthers 1, Bucs 0, Falcons 0.

  • NFC EAST: Cowboys 14, Giants 1, Eagles 1, Redskins 0.

  • NFC NORTH: Vikings 8, Packers 8, Bears 0, Lions 0.

  • AFC WEST: Chargers 16, Broncos 0, Raiders 0, Chiefs 0.

  • AFC SOUTH: Colts 10, Jaguars 6, Titans 0, Texans 0.

  • AFC EAST: Patriots 16, Bills 0, Dolphins 0, Jets 0.

  • AFC NORTH: Steelers 12, Browns 4, Ravens 0, Bengals 0.

Predictions on Super Bowl winners went this way: Chargers 5, Cowboys 5, Patriots 3, Colts 2, Jaguars 1. NFC South blogger Pat Yasinskas was the only contributor to see a Super Bowl in the Seahawks' future, but he did not have Seattle winning.

I've put together an Excel file with two sheets, one showing how each ESPN.com contributor voted, another showing team-by-team vote totals for each category. I'll make this file available along the right side of the blog, and I promise not to change my predictions as the season unfolds.