Only the Cardinals? Perhaps you meant Cowboys

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

News that the NFL is temporarily changing rules to accommodate the Cowboys' stadium design flaws raised a question: What if, say, the Cardinals had made a similar design mistake?

The jokes and slights would be flowing. "Only the Cardinals ..."

But when you think about it, the Cardinals aren't suffering from such problems. While they play on a state-of-the-art retractable field in a beautiful stadium, the flagship Steelers have waded around in muck after high schools use their field regularly each week.

While the Cardinals have managed bruised egos, advancing to the Super Bowl despite Anquan Boldin's complaints, the Broncos, led by esteemed owner Pat Bowlen, lost a Pro Bowl quarterback in his prime. Almost before the door could hit Jay Cutler on the way out, the Broncos transitioned into crisis mode with their best remaining offensive player, Brandon Marshall.

A couple years ago, it was the Eagles, another front-line organization, asking star player Brian Westbrook to return a few million bucks after an accounting error paid him twice.

Imagine if the Cardinals entered into an eight-month naming-rights deal with Jimmy Buffett. The Dolphins, another premiere organization, did just that.

Only the Cardinals? Not so fast.