First-half snap counts for Seahawks' defense

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

The vibrant social life I lead allowed time to count snaps for the Seahawks' offensive and defensive players during their exhibition game Saturday night.

This is not something I'll do for most game, but I was playing around with a new charting system and figured this game would serve as a test run.

The chart shows defensive snap counts for the first half. I'll break out offensive counts in a bit. They were a bit more telling.

The counts are unofficial, of course. I came up with two snaps for Nick Reed in the first quarter even though I'm pretty sure he played just one, the final play of the quarter. It's possible that I counted him instead of someone else. That was the only one I wasn't sure about.

Middle linebacker Lofa Tatupu was the only front-seven player to participate fully. That is typical for him. Cornerback Kelly Jennings came onto the field in nickel situations. Defensive back Jordan Babineaux played in the dime.

The Seahawks found second-quarter snaps for defensive linemen Michael Bennett and Baraka Atkins after neither played in the first quarter.

Defensive end Lawrence Jackson, the team's first-round choice in 2008, played 12 snaps in the first half and generally did not stand out. He did get pressure in the second half.