NFL sky is dark, but not necessarily falling

Facebook friend Kevin reiterated his fears that the NFL Players Association and its attorneys are going to "ruin" the NFL if they get what they want. He feels even more strongly about this after hearing Roger Goodell's comments to Giants season-ticket holders.

Mike Sando: I've seen some of the comments from Goodell but nothing suggesting the sky is falling. In the bigger picture, do you think Goodell is more likely to undersell or oversell the "dangers" of the NFLPA approach? I would say he has no reason to undersell them and every reason to oversell them. But in reading through highlights from Goodell's conference call with Giants fans, it's tough to find sensationalism in there. He stated the league's position, as he has done in the past.

Now, I have sensed real fears among some in the NFL that the players' attorneys do want to score some of the victories that have arguably put NBA and MLB players in better position at the expense of their sports. It is certainly clear that the relationship once existing between the NFLPA (Gene Upshaw) and the league (Paul Tagliabue) no longer exists at all.

But we still have to remember that the league felt comfortable enough with the worst-case scenarios to initiate this process by opting out of the collective bargaining agreement. Perhaps the league thought it would have a new agreement in place by now, but everyone knew the players could take this to the courts.

I've tried to monitor this situation from 3,000 feet instead of from 30 feet. Otherwise, it's too easy to get caught up in the hyperbole of the moment.