Seahawks' restraint on Brandon Marshall

The Seattle Seahawks tried to acquire receiver Brandon Marshall from the Denver Broncos last offseason.

The price wound up being higher than expected, and the Seahawks wisely showed restraint. The latest off-field drama surrounding Marshall -- his recent stabbing, allegedly by his wife -- validates Seattle's decision to bow out of the running.

Signing Marshall to an offer sheet and acquiring him that way would have required parting with the sixth choice in the 2010 draft, a price far too high given the risks associated with Marshall. Matching the price ultimately paid by the Miami Dolphins also would have carried long-term negative ramifications for Seattle.

The initial sting associated with losing Marshall to the Dolphins went away more quickly than anticipated.

Mike Williams emerged as a far less expensive, lower-risk alternative. He did not produce as much as Marshall produced in 2010, but his best games lined up favorably with Marshall's best games. Both are big, physically dominant receivers at their best.

The charts show each receiver's four highest single-game receiving yardage totals, followed by their season stats.

2010: Brandon Marshall's Four Highest Yardage Games

Marshall and Williams finished with similar yards-per-catch and touchdown numbers. Injuries slowed both players in 2010. Marshall missed two games after suffering a hamstring injury. He also underwent a second hip surgery before last season. Williams missed two games and almost all of a third with a foot injury.

2010: Mike Williams' Four Highest Yardage Games