Seeking answers to labor questions

Life in the NFC West and the NFL in general would change dramatically if a judge's decision to end the lockout results in free agency before the draft.

The league says it will seek from the courts a stay keeping the lockout in place pending an appeal. In the meantime, the decision produces more questions than answers:

  • How quickly might there be a ruling on a stay?

  • What happens before there's a ruling on a stay?

  • What happens if a stay is denied?

  • Is the league right when it says putting in place rules for free agency could open itself to additional antitrust claims?

We're accustomed to seeking direction from the league on such matters, but the with attorneys and the courts involved, answers could come elsewhere. More to come.

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Update: League executive Greg Aiello tells Andrew Brandt the league will wait for a response on its stay request before opening the league for business.