NFC West players that should report

The NFL has no plans to open for business immediately following a court ruling against the lockout, but that should not stop players from reporting to work as a matter of strategy.

As noted in March, numerous NFC West players stood to collect significant sums for their participation in offseason workout programs. Those players have every reason to report for work Tuesday, just in case it helps them collect on those bonuses.

This is a fluid situation, obviously, and no one knows for certain what will happen next. It's an upset, however, if players do not show up for work following the ruling Monday.

The chart shows NFC West players with workout bonuses of at least $200,000, plus a column showing what percentage of workouts players must attend to realize the bonus. A few players on the list project as candidates for release this offseason.

2011 NFC West Workout Bonuses: $200,000 and up