Mora: 'Complementary' role for RB James

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

RENTON, Wash. -- Seahawks coach Jim Mora and his newest running back, Edgerrin James, just finished speaking with reporters following practice.

A few highlights:

James' role. Mora repeatedly used the word "complementary" to describe James' anticipated role. He said Julius Jones would be the "workhorse" back. James said he was not here to "compete" with Jones. The two played catch for a while during practice. James said he was picking Jones' brain in an attempt to get up to speed.
Arizona fallout. James expressed no hard feelings for the way his tenure in Arizona ended, saying he had put that behind him. James: "I'm not worried about that. We did well. We made it to a Super Bowl. We didn't get a chance to win, but it was a nice time and that is over. I'm past that. I'm not even concerned with that."
Inside information. James and Mora sidestepped questions about to what extent James' knowledge of the Cardinals' offense would help against the Cardinals. James said he was most concerned about learning the system in Seattle.
QB key. James felt strongly about joining a team with a top quarterback. He said that's the most important factor in winning. He would know after playing with Peyton Manning in Indianapolis and Kurt Warner in Arizona. "When you have a good quarterback," James said, "the potential is unlimited."
Offensive scheme. James: "I love the scheme. This is one of the schemes I have had success in. For the past couple years, I haven't run the things that I came from Indianapolis running. Now, you are getting into that, where you have the zone blocking scheme. You do something for seven years. That is kind of what you are accustomed to. All of a sudden I was doing something different, so you're going to have somewhat different results."
High recommendation. James played for Mora's father in Indianapolis. The elder Jim Mora was in Seattle over the weekend, telling his son James ranked among his favorite players.
Off-field priorities. James spent the offseason tending to his four children after their mother died of leukemia. James: "With what went on this offseason, I just don't want to blow it as a parent. I wanted to make sure I had that under control. With the help of my mom and my family, we got that under control and they assured me I can go away and they will take care of everything." James also discussed the situation with his children.
Releasing Duckett. The Seahawks preferred James to T.J. Duckett, who was released, because the coaching staff determined Duckett was more of a role player at this point. The team felt as though James was better prepared to serve as a complementary back, not just a situational one.
Short yardage. Duckett was effective as a short-yardage runner. Mora said he wasn't worried about converting in those situations, suggesting the team's other backs could handle the situation because size wasn't always an important variable. Mora pointed to Warrick Dunn as an example of a smaller back with very good short-yardage ability.

The Seahawks aren't sure if James will play against the Chiefs in the team's third exhibition game. James said he despises the preseason. He was laughing when he said it, but he wasn't joking.