Podcast: Kaepernick has skeptics in mind

Colin Kaepernick's conversation with that other Colin (Cowherd) notes that the San Francisco 49ers' second-round draft choice did not receive a playbook from the team.

Kaepernick visited the 49ers on Friday, the day he was drafted, but he arrived later in the day. Draft choices were allowed to visit teams through the conclusion of the draft Saturday, but teams could share football-related materials only through a certain point Friday, when the lockout went back into effect.

That explains why No. 1 overall choice Cam Newton received a playbook from Carolina, but Kaepernick did not get one from the 49ers. He'll get one from a teammate.

Kaepernick also said he's determined to prove he's better than the sixth-best quarterback in the draft (five were chosen ahead of him). He also said he sees himself as a quarterback who can run, not a running quarterback. That is the right mindset for the NFL.