About those Andrew Luck Sweeptsakes

Michael from Millsboro, Del., asks whether the Seattle Seahawks are heading into a rebuilding year with an eye toward getting a shot at Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck in the 2012 draft. Under this scenario, the team would go with Charlie Whitehurst at quarterback in 2011. If Whitehurst succeeded, the team could stick with him. Otherwise, Whitehurst becomes a scapegoat and Luck becomes the future.

Mike Sando: The Luck Sweepstakes conspiracy theories remain popular around here. In truth, no team can bank on selecting Luck this far in advance. Luck could suffer an injury. His stock could fall. Another team could finish worse in the standings. And, of course, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll wants to win. He showed that last season by leaving Matt Hasselbeck in the lineup longer than what arguably made sense for a rebuilding team (in part because the Seahawks remained in the division race, and offensive coaches liked Hasselbeck).

Remove Luck from the equation, though, and Michael's general premise holds up. Seattle could decide to lean more heavily on Whitehurst this season, with an eye toward the future. That could happen if Hasselbeck signed elsewhere and the Seahawks didn't feel comfortable acquiring Kevin Kolb or another quarterback -- because of price or any number of reasons.

In that case, the Seahawks would be delaying their quarterback search another year while remaining in the early stages of a longer-term rebuild. Former Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren waited two seasons, 1999 and 2000, before acquiring Hasselbeck as his long-term starter. Seattle's current leadership -- led by Carroll and multiple personnel people with ties to Holmgren -- appears to be in no rush at that position.

"Especially in the draft, it's not an area that you can panic for or panic about," general manager John Schneider said in mid-April.