Where NFC West lags in power rankings

NFC West teams have fared poorly in ESPN.com NFL Power Rankings for ownership, head coaches, quarterbacks and pass-rushers.

The rankings reflect and also explain why teams from the division haven't fared very well in recent seasons.

The chart shows where the NFC West stands through 10 NFL Power Rankings installments.

The results do not attempt to rank divisional strength. They simply show point totals by divisional affiliation for all people receiving votes to this point. No divisional power rankings would value safeties the same as quarterbacks, coaches and owners. These totals do just that. They're still helpful in painting an overall picture.

Every first-place vote was worth 10 points. Second-place votes were worth nine, third-place votes eight, and so on.

Patrick Willis, Larry Fitzgerald, Vernon Davis, Adrian Wilson and Steven Jackson gave the NFC West traction in some of the less glamorous categories.

The division has lagged in the more important ones, managing only 12 total points across categories for owner, head coach, quarterback and pass-rusher. Seattle Seahawks owner Paul Allen, Arizona Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt and St. Louis Rams defensive end Chris Long were the only NFC West representatives to earn votes in those categories. None cracked the top 10, however.

2011 NFL Power Rankings Scorecard

Note: "PR" stands for pass-rusher, and "S" for safety.