On the Rams' player workout sessions

The St. Louis Rams should be gratified and a little nervous upon learning that most of their players plan to begin organized workout sessions Monday.

Tony Softli of 101ESPN St. Louis has the details, including these two nuggets:

  • Roughly 70 percent of the roster, including quarterback Sam Bradford and 2011 draft choices, are expected to lift weights and practice;

  • Former players Torry Holt and Corey Chavous will serve as coaches.

Getting so many players together in the St. Louis area reflects well on the leadership St. Louis has assembled. It's not like these workouts are in San Diego or Miami Beach or even Arizona.

The potential for injuries stands as a concern. Players are competitive. Some will practice harder than others. Players might not have access to professional training resources.

It must be tough for the Rams' real coaches to know players are practicing without their supervision. Coaches -- particularly head coaches -- like to control every detail. The lockout makes them helpless.