On Curry's endorsement of Hasselbeck

Michael Crabtree's noncommittal comments toward teammate Alex Smith as the San Francisco 49ers' likely starting quarterback naturally created a buzz.

Another recent top 10 draft choices from the NFC West recently cast a quarterback vote without nearly as much fanfare.

Aaron Curry, selected fourth overall and six spots ahead of Crabtree in the 2009 draft, would prefer to see Matt Hasselbeck return as the Seahawks' starting quarterback. With Hasselbeck leading about 40 players through a workout late last week, Curry tweeted that he would "personally benefit" from having Hasselbeck behind center.

"Are the Seahawks players active in trying to bring Hasslebeck back?" Facebook friend Davis wanted to know. "And does this show a lack of faith in Whitehurst?"

While Charlie Whitehurst is the only quarterback under contract with Seattle, he hasn't seriously challenged for the starting job. For that reason, endorsing Hasselbeck doesn't necessarily say much about Whitehurst other than to affirm his status as the second option if Hasselbeck is in the equation. The context would be different if Curry had made his remark during the season or during the free-agent signing period.

As for players actively trying to bring back Hasselbeck, there isn't much they can do. The organization will make that decision based on a number of factors, including Hasselbeck's price relative to what other options might be available.

If the team installs Whitehurst as the starter while letting Hasselbeck leave, the unproven Whitehurst will have to convince Curry and a lot of other people that the organization made the right move.