A lockout commentary from Stevie Phantom

Steve Breaston's versatile on-field talents tell only part of his story.

BreastonBreastonThe Arizona Cardinals' receiver has a passion for comic books and, apparently, a flair for poetry.

I've transcribed Breaston's lockout-related commentary for those unable to access video, but the delivery is an important component of the message. Please do check it out when you can.

"They say it’s about business but I’m here with no business at all. Just here with a fan’s vision that doesn’t involve a billion-dollar dream. Just a kid who wants to be a Barry or Larry hoping to follow the dream. Without a league, how do you tell them to follow his lead?

"It doesn’t matter what kind of arguments we present, it feels like it’s all about greed. And with every interview the media feeds a fan is wondering, 'Are they even thinking of me?' Carefully stepping over the line from being adored to being crooks, robbing the people of the game they love by slowly pulling the turf. Losing sight of those packed into stadiums where temperatures are barely above zero, of families who are saving up from zero with thoughts of a perfect view from the nose bleeds.

"Believe me, I understand how ironic it is that I’ve told a kid to play 60, but we might not play a minute. Speaking to them with my jersey on, wondering if they still wish to be in it. Or do they see a business now and now that the world does. Probably don’t.

"They’re just waiting for fall camp so they can get some gloves or give high fives to players to show them some love. At least get to the season opener. But with the lockout, all I could do was give them shrugs. They just see us competing for money in court looking like a poor sport that is making billions, putting more than just the players on the bench. But I guess with all this money involved, who cares about my two cents?"

Breaston then signed off as "Stevie Phantom" -- previously identified as his writing alter-ego.

Note: I was not certain what Breaston said during the part toward the end of the third paragraph above, but think it's figured out.