Survey says: Pulling together recent polls

Sometimes it's fun to drop a poll into an item as a corollary to certain discussions.

After a while, though, new items push those polls right off the page and out of our minds.

I've gone back through nine recent polls and put together a chart showing the results. I'll spell out the questions below in case the condensed versions in the chart aren't clear, with my own voting choices following these bullet points:

My own votes, in order: Crabtree, Qwest Field, Seahawks, Jackson, Okung, Rams, unsure, Smith and Seattle.

The first one was intriguing. I like Wells' physical potential a great deal, but he has not done much. Crabtree has done more, and should benefit from coaching changes in San Francisco. On the running backs, you could pick one and I'd be happy with the other. Jackson was my choice. I chose Okung over Crabtree for the player most likely to join Fitzgerald among the elite because I think Okung was already very good when healthy. Better luck with injuries will be key for him.

I'm torn over the price to pay for Kolb. On one side, I'm reluctant to overrate an unproven talent. On the other side, teams pay premiums for quarterbacks, and Kolb is a younger one with some promise. If you think he can win a championship, pony up and do not look back.

I'd feel better about an NFC West team paying a premium for Kolb if one of those teams had a direct, strong connection to Kolb. For example, Matt Hasselbeck was unproven when Seattle acquired him, but at least the team's coach at the time, Mike Holmgren, had been with Hasselbeck in Green Bay.

Recent NFC West Poll Review