Steve Breaston's ability to separate

Wading through thousands of mostly forgettable tweets in search of a couple good ones isn't a job for everyone.

Thank you, Paul Kuharsky, for doing the dirty work.

And bravo, Arizona Cardinals receiver Steve Breaston, for moving into the No. 2 spot on Kuharsky's Twindex with humor and thoughtfulness.

Breaston sized up our story on toughest NFL venues and wondered, humorously, why the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, site of the ongoing NFL lockout battle, didn't appear alongside the stadiums. Then came his poetic take on the lockout, complete with this line: "Believe me, I understand how ironic it is that I’ve told a kid to play 60, but we might not play a minute. Speaking to them with my jersey on, wondering if they still wish to be in it."

These offerings easily make @SBreaston15 the top Twitter account to follow in the NFC West. A couple years ago, teammate Darnell Dockett periodically caught our attention with colorful tweets, some humorous and some without regard for etiquette. I initially wondered whether such offerings would create distractions for the team, but over time, I realized they would lose impact among a more crowded and noisier social media environment.

Breaston's ability to stand out anyway shows he's a receiver whose ability to separate extends beyond the field.