Gruden can't burst Terrelle Pryor's bubble

Some quarterbacks stand out right away as face-of-the-franchise types.

Sam Bradford and Matt Ryan left that impression when they spoke with reporters at recent NFL scouting combines. Both looked the part physically in terms of size/stature. Both played extensively for major programs. They seemed to have their lives in order. They held up well under questioning, showing the polish needed to handle difficult situations.

Few quarterbacks measure up so well on so many fronts.

Ohio State's Terrelle Pryor heads toward the supplemental draft hoping to convince teams he's worth their consideration. It's a tougher sell after Pryor left Ohio State amid a brewing scandal. The NCAA had already suspended him for the start of the 2011 season. The scouts I've spoken with doubt Pryor's credentials as a passer.

Will NFC West teams line up to draft Pryor? I doubt it. Every team in the division appears to have a No. 2 quarterback. An NFC West team using more than a late-round pick for Pryor would come as surprise.

Perhaps my expectations were too low, but I thought Pryor held up well when ESPN's Jon Gruden gave him the Cam Newton treatment recently.

Pryor made a positive impression, I thought. At the very least, Pryor should be fine if opposing defenses ask him to explain the merits of the bubble screen.