Weight watcher: Patrick Peterson slimmer

Patrick Peterson's cell connection was breaking up during his conversation with The Fan AM 1060 in Phoenix, but the Arizona Cardinals' rookie cornerback is getting the message loud and clear, it appears.

Peterson, selected fifth overall in the 2011 NFL draft, said he has dropped weight and plans to play at 212 pounds, about 10 pounds lighter than his weight at LSU.

The Cardinals' strength-and-conditioning coach, John Lott, has advocated cutting weight to improve speed, quickness and even durability -- not for all players, but for quite a few, including Larry Fitzgerald.

I'm not sure what Lott has in mind for Peterson, but if the rookie is taking the initiative needed to cut weight without anyone barking at him, that's a good sign.

Peterson also sounds eager to disprove suggestions his size makes him project as a safety down the line. The Cardinals have already gone that route with Antrel Rolle, the cornerback-turned-safety they selected eighth overall in 2005.

Related note: Peterson is seeking Rolle's old No. 21 jersey number.