Programming note: Diving back into action

A few thoughts and programming notes upon returning from summer vacation:

  • Stepping away from the NFC West blog for the past 10 days brought me closer to actual football. While the NFL lockout dragged on, I spent four days last week watching my oldest son put on the pads for the first time as part of a youth camp. The kids' love for the game made watching them a joy. NFL training camps would usually begin in another three weeks or so. Here's hoping a labor deal gets done in time.

  • Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc. stirred thought and debate with his recent three-part series ranking the 15 best players in the NFC West. His work will provide the foundation for additional discussion on the subject this week. Quite a few contributors to the blog have weighed in with strong opinions (what, no Steven Jackson?). I have a few of my own. We'll advance the discussion beginning Monday.

  • After wrapping up offseason Power Rankings and rolling out bests, we've got another package planned for this week. More on that as the week unfolds.

What's on your mind? I'll be using your feedback -- quite a bit accumulated during my week away -- as starting points for discussion.