Michael Crabtree's status as draft 'steal'

NFC West teams swept three of the top four spots on an unfortunate Insider list featuring 10 players whose NFL careers never justified their status as draft-day steals.

CrabtreeCrabtreeMatt Leinart ranked first, Andre Wadsworth ranked second and J.J. Stokes ranked fourth on a list covering the past 25 years.

Only Brady Quinn, who ranked third, prevented current NFC West teams from sweeping the top three spots. There is time.

Michael Crabtree, considered a steal when San Francisco drafted him 10th overall in 2009, still has much to prove. His career would have to flatline, however, to threaten Stokes' place on the list.

Crabtree's production last season -- 55 catches for 741 yards and six touchdowns -- lines up favorably with Stokes' very best seasons during a nine-year career. But their numbers through 27 career games are similar. The next couple seasons will determine whether Crabtree breaks out on another trajectory.

The chart shows 27-game receiving totals for four notable 49ers receivers, ranked by receptions and receiving yards. Each player listed walked into a different situation, affecting opportunities.

49ers Wideout Comparison: First 27 Games