Croc files: How Whiz knows lockout bites

Ken Whisenhunt discussed a range of substantive issues during his recent conversation with XTRA Sports 910 AM in Phoenix.

The Arizona Cardinals' coach offered compelling details from his recent USO trip to the Middle East, including when he thought enemies were firing upon the Blackhawk helicopter he was riding in. He touched on plans for training camp, the quarterback situation in Arizona and, humorously, defensive end Darnell Dockett's crocodile files.

Dockett, who apologized last offseason for his starring role in an online shower scene, isn't backing down after People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals implored him to release the croc he has shown off recently. Dockett subsequently tweeted a photo showing what remained from a steak he recently devoured.

Whisenhunt's take?

"Yes, I am aware of it," Whisenhunt said. "We're talking about Darnell. Last year it was a shower. This year it was a crocodile. ...

"As hard as it is to say, I miss Darnell. That must tell you the lockout has gone on too long if I miss Darnell."

The full interview is available online and worth a listen.