Whisenhunt: Cards attractive to vet QBs

Looks like the Arizona Cardinals are prepared to play the Fitz card in their search for a veteran quarterback once the lockout concludes.

Coach Ken Whisenhunt, speaking with ESPN's "First Take," pointed to Larry Fitzgerald and the Cardinals' other weapons in explaining why he thinks quarterbacks will want to join his team. Finding one will be the team's first objective.

"If you are a quarterback and you look at our receiver corps, especially with a guy like Larry Fitzgerald, if you look at the way we have thrown the ball the last few years, how proficient we have been, it provides an environment for a quarterback to be successful," Whisenhunt said. "I think that would be attractive, whether it's a competitive situation for a free agent or if we are involved in a trade. Hopefully, that will give us something that will get us a player early, give us a player we want."

The Cardinals need a quarterback? Guess that means we'll start hearing names of potential candidates at some point this offseason. Oh, wait ...