Breaking stereotypes, and a $100 trillion bill

Steven Jackson, one of the more punishing running backs of his generation, ran away with the "best dressed" label in our run through the best this division has to offer.

JacksonJacksonI resisted calling him "the St. Louis Rams' Steven Jackson" in the passage above because Jackson cares so much about forging an identity outside the game. The giant "J-A-C-K-S-O-N" tattoo across his back signifies a timeless allegiance to family roots. The point is that his football allegiances are more transitory, spanning the high school, college and professional ranks.

The importance Jackson places on such things comes through during an interview he conducted with MTV and made available on his website this summer. Jackson expands upon his interests in collecting art, rare timepieces, foreign currency and clothing. He showed off a $100 trillion bill from Zimbabwe, which discontinued its currency in 2009 amid hyperinflation.

"I actually purchase my clothing thinking what the designer had in mind for the function of it," Jackson explained. "If I'm wearing cargos, i'll wear some tennies. I'm not just a football player. I have other interests. I'm a designer, I'm an artist. To have all those things blend and be successful at it, that means the sky's the limit and that's very meaningful."

In the interview, Jackson talks about forcing his will upon opponents and setting the tone for the Rams' offense. But he mostly focuses on what interests him off the field. The transition away from professional sports can be a difficult one once athletes are finished playing. It's looking like Jackson has plenty of outside interests to pursue when that day comes for him.