Driving up the price for Kevin Kolb?

The lockout prevents the Philadelphia Eagles and Arizona Cardinals from formally discussing a trade for quarterback Kevin Kolb or anyone else.

Nothing is stopping them from communicating through the news media.

News that the Cardinals were prepared to offer cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie for Kolb wasn't going to pass quietly.

Now comes word that the Eagles wouldn't bite on such an offer.

"The Eagles, though, will want to get as much as possible in return," Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer wrote. "And right now Rodgers-Cromartie, who XTRA 910 Sports radio in Phoenix reported the Cardinals were prepared to offer, is not enough, a league source said."

McLane points to Seattle, Tennessee and Miami as potential destinations for Kolb. A quick look at those teams' viability:

  • Seattle: The Seahawks have a need and they showed interest in Kolb last offseason. Unlike the Cardinals, they haven't been making regular public promises to address the quarterback situation right away when free agency opens. They haven't given up on Charlie Whitehurst and they could still bring back Matt Hasselbeck. They could offer a cornerback as part of a trade package, but if Rodgers-Cromartie weren't enough for the Eagles to move, Seattle would have to offer much more than cornerback Marcus Trufant. I sense more urgency from Arizona than from Seattle to quickly close a deal on a quarterback. Kolb is not the only option.

  • Tennessee: The Titans would not extend a lucrative long-term offer to Kolb after using a first-round choice for quarterback Jake Locker. I'd remove the Titans from serious consideration. Signing Hasselbeck as a free agent would make more sense than committing to Kolb on a longer-term deal.

  • Miami: The Dolphins could use quarterback help. In May, Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald said the team wasn't sold enough on Kolb to part with a first-round draft choice, according to a team official. There hasn't been much Kolb-to-the-Dolphins buzz since. Tim Graham of the AFC East blog is officially and jokingly (in the spirit of his chats) giving the Dolphins a "12 percent" chance of acquiring Kolb this offseason. Such precision.

Seattle and Miami could be playing coy, but as the Kolb-related speculation builds, the price for Kolb doesn't necessarily increase. The Eagles will try to draw in as many potential suitors as possible to drive up the price. Will the Seahawks and other teams play along, or are those teams sincerely interested in Kolb as well?