Quick strike for Kevin Kolb? Unlikely

The Arizona Cardinals were prepared to "make a move quickly" for Kevin Kolb or another quarterback once the lockout ended.

That might not be necessary.

"I would be surprised if something happened today," Whisenhunt told reporters Tuesday after the trading period opened without fanfare.

The Cardinals can afford to wait if they're confident in their ability to land Kolb or if they're comfortable with options in free agency. They've spoken to the Philadelphia Eagles about Kolb and to the Denver Broncos about Kyle Orton, while also reaching out to Matt Hasselbeck and Marc Bulger, according to Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic.

How strong is the market for Kolb outside Arizona? A little time and a few phone calls could provide answers. Playing the field gives Arizona options and leverage.

Also, if the Cardinals and Philadelphia Eagles have already agreed to something in principle for Kolb, rushing into a formal trade could fuel tampering perceptions.

Contract considerations also come into play on trades for quarterbacks.

So far, teams have appeared more focused on subtracting players than on adding them. Along those lines, Arizona plans to release linebacker Gerald Hayes and quarterback Derek Anderson, players made vulnerable by high salaries and diminished roles.