Jay Feely's provocative question about race

Arizona Cardinals kicker Jay Feely became a consistent voice for players during the NFL lockout.

He veered into trickier waters Tuesday with a provocative question via Twitter:


Jay Feely (jayfeely) on Twitter via kwout

Palmer is refusing to report to the Bengals, demanding a trade. The team has repeatedly refused to trade him.

Any Bengals player becomes a more sympathetic figure simply because the team's ownership carries such a negative reputation. Palmer's own history also comes into play. He hasn't caused trouble off the field. He has not drawn attention to himself the way, say, receiver Chad Ochocinco has done.

Palmer would get, and has earned, more sympathy than he would get if he had previously shown himself to be selfish or a problem. It's tough removing Bengals ownership and Palmer's history with the team from the equation. Those factors positively affect perceptions of Palmer.

Ochocinco and Corey Dillon previously asked for trades from the Bengals. Takeo Spikes did, too.

I'll sympathize with just about anyone seeking to separate himself from an organization with the Bengals' recent history. The team hasn't won a playoff game since 1991.