What Jeff King adds to Cardinals' offense

Instead of adding depth at tight end, the Arizona Cardinals are adding a tight end with some depth -- or at least some aspirations beyond the playing field.

Tight end Jeff King, who agreed to terms Tuesday, has expressed interest in becoming a general manager one day. His former position coach, Geep Chryst, called King one of the smartest players on the team in Carolina.

The 260-pounder is 28 years old and a four-year starter. He projects as a blocking-oriented tight end to go with the receiving-oriented Rob Housler, the tight end Arizona selected in the third round of the 2011 draft.

Housler has completed a 40-yard dash in less than 4.5 seconds. King, athletic enough to have played basketball at Virginia Tech, has nonetheless needed five years to cover 923 yards, his total on 112 career receptions.

"He knows how to use his size and length to go up in a crowd and compete for the ball, but is not going to get a lot of yards after the catch," King's Scouts Inc. Insider report reads, in part. "He is more of a blocking tight end than a receiving one and will show effort, competitiveness and good strength on his inline blocks."

King and Housler give the Cardinals a renewed outlook at a position where the team had stagnated in recent years.