On Hasselbeck agreeing to Titans' deal

The Seattle Seahawks weren't willing to give Matt Hasselbeck contract security beyond the 2011 season.

Were the Tennessee Titans?

Contract details were not immediately available, but ESPN's Adam Schefter has the news: Hasselbeck has agreed to terms with the Titans, reuniting him with former Seahawks executive Mike Reinfeldt, among other ex-Seattle employees now working in prominent roles in Tennessee.

Hasselbeck wanted to re-sign with Seattle. He had an opportunity to do so before the lockout, but he was looking for a level of security the Seahawks weren't willing to offer. I'll be surprised if Reinfeldt and the Titans offered such security after using a 2011 first-round draft choice for quarterback Jake Locker.

Hasselbeck projects as a solid mentor for Locker. He'll put in the work and handle himself in a way that serves the Titans well following a tumultuous run with Vince Young. At some point this season or next, Locker will presumably get his chance to start.

Hindsight being 20-20, it's clear now that Hasselbeck would have been best served taking the Seahawks' offer in March. He could have kept his family in Seattle and had a better shot at starting for the next two seasons since the Seahawks have not moved aggressively to secure a franchise quarterback.

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