Take deep breath before anointing 49ers' savior

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

James writes via Facebook: I just saw the replay again of the Cowboys game and I must say, even though it is against 2nd/3rd stringers, Nate Davis and looked really good. That cannon of an arm, the cameras couldn't keep up with the ball. Mike, I'm always hearing that if the 49ers don't do well this year they might draft a QB in next year's draft. Is that still a possibility even though Nate Davis has shown flashes of being a good QB over time?

Mike Sando: It is very much a possibility. Davis enjoyed one good not-quite-half-game in the preseason. It was a nice beginning, but it didn't assure anything other than Davis' spot on the 53-man roster this season, which might have been likely for him to achieve, anyway.

Bruce Gradkowski and Cleo Lemon ranked among the top three passers in the 2006 preseason, combining for seven touchdowns and three interceptions. Gradkowski ranked second among preseason passers in 2007. David Carr and Dan Orlovsky ranked among the top three preseason passers last season.

We're analyzing these preseason games in greater detail than ever. It's important to maintain perspective.