Hmmm: Chad Ochocinco and the 49ers?

The Boston Herald's revelation that the San Francisco 49ers, Oakland Raiders and New England Patriots had permission to speak with Chad Ochocinco came as a surprise.

Reporter Ian Rapoport mentioned the 49ers and Raiders as potential suitors, noting that the Patriots had spent considerable time reworking the wide receiver's contract.

New England acquired Ochocinco in a move that made more sense for a team with a strong head coach and established leaders.

As much as the 49ers could use another wideout, how seriously would they consider holding up the flamboyant, free-spirited Ochocinco as a veteran example for Michael Crabtree to follow? It just wouldn't make sense, in my view, especially with a first-year head coach, unestablished quarterbacks and an offense that remains very young overall.

This will be a fun one to ask Jim Harbaugh about once he's available for interviews.