Age-old questions in the NFC West

Updating the rosters I maintain for NFL teams becomes challenging this time of year, but I'm plowing through.

Consider the chart below for use as a baseline.

It shows team-by-team averages for age heading into the signing period. The averages affect players with contracts for 2011, plus restricted free agents, franchise players and rookie draft choices. The averages do not reflect veteran contract agreements or terminations that were pending heading into the day. Rookie free agents were also excluded.

I'll update with those transactions as they become official.

Separately from this blog item, I also produced a chart showing team-by-team average ages for unrestricted free agents.

The New England Patriots' UFAs led the way with a 31.64 average, ahead of those for Tennessee (31.1), Chicago (30.84) and Seattle (30.81). The Seahawks will get younger this offseason by failing to re-sign some of their older UFAs. Denver (27.56), Carolina (27.85) and Buffalo (28.2) had the youngest UFAs this offseason.

Just passing along as a reference point.

Seattle in particular has sought to get younger.

2011 Age Averages: Excluding UFAs, Newcomers