Five thoughts on Plaxico Burress and 49ers

What's on my mind amid news that veteran receiver Plaxico Burress plans to visit the San Francisco 49ers:

  • The prison sentence Burress served on a weapons violation had to be sobering. Had Burress sought to injure someone, the 49ers would be better off steering clear. The parole restrictions in place for Burress provide a strong and compelling deterrent against future shenanigans, particularly given how much Burress stands to earn in the NFL.

  • Michael Crabtree's foot injury puts the 49ers in a tough spot at receiver. Adding Burress would give the 49ers another big target, and one with ample experience. Burress would be coming into the offense cold, but so are most of the 49ers.

  • The 49ers' quarterback situation makes the team less appealing to free-agent receivers. The Pittsburgh Steelers have courted Burress pretty strongly. Burress has been hanging out with his former teammates there. If I were the 49ers, I'd be suspicious of Burress using their interest to leverage a better deal elsewhere.

  • Burress does not appear to have any strong connections to members of the 49ers' coaching staff. Such connections can be important.

  • Burress is 33 years old and hasn't played since the 2008 season. The 49ers are entering their first season under coach Jim Harbaugh. They're mostly young on offense. Burress doesn't fit the profile for what the 49ers want in the long term, but Crabtree's injury could force them to consider options they otherwise would not.

Burress' meeting with the 49ers could face travel-related delays, according to Josina Anderson of Fox 31 Sports in Denver.