Remember Faulk, but don't forget Pace

The ever-thoughtful Isaac Bruce departed from convention when answering questions about former St. Louis Rams teammate Marshall Faulk.

PacePaceBruce, answering questions about Faulk's Hall of Fame career while at Rams camp this week, set aside proper respect for another icon from the Greatest Show on Turf days.

Was Faulk the one irreplaceable part of that offense?

"You know what, I always said it would be hard to replace him, but I always thought Orlando Pace was the guy that we just couldn’t afford to lose at all," Bruce told reporters. "He was the anchor. If you look at the whole core, everything beginning and starting with the offensive line, he was that guy we couldn’t afford to lose, but Marshall was the engine and you can’t drive a car without the engine."

Bruce has been helping coaches at camp this week. He remains undecided about coaching on a full-time basis, citing the long hours that would take him away from his family, including his 19-month-old daughter.