Taylor Mays available on craigslist? Well ...

Quite a few San Francisco 49ers fans have asked where Taylor Mays fits in the team's plans.

We might have our answer from ESPN's Adam Schefter.

According to Schefter, the 49ers sent out an email to all teams declaring Mays as available for trade.

This is not standard operating procedure and reflects poorly on the 49ers, in my view. It's certainly no way to create value in the market. If everyone knows a player is expendable, everyone can wait for the team to replace that player. I've reached out to the 49ers for comment on this one and will keep you apprised.

Mays was a second-round draft choice from USC in 2010 and possesses undeniable raw physical talent. Mays started six games as a rookie. He made an incredible play against Atlanta, scoring a touchdown on a blocked punt, but his instincts for the safety position have been in question dating to his days at USC.

The 49ers are not particularly deep at safety. They did sign veteran Madieu Williams in free agency. The memo regarding Mays could reflect a belief internally that Dashon Goldson is close to re-signing.

I'm anxious to hear the 49ers' side of this story.