Programming note: A week with Rams

Logan from Troy, Ill., wants to know when I'll be heading to St. Louis Rams camp, and what the team has planned to address depth concerns at cornerback.

Mike Sando: Good timing on the question, Logan. I'm arriving in St. Louis early Monday evening and will remain with the Rams through their preseason game against Tennessee. Monday will largely be a travel day for me, but I'm hoping to stay connected and engaged on the blog during the flight to St. Louis.

The Rams expect to get Ron Bartell back on the field at least somewhat this week. They brought in Tae Evans for short-term insurance at the position. Jerome Murphy's ankle injury required surgery and could end his season, hurting quality depth behind Bartell and fellow starter Bradley Fletcher.

It's looking like the Rams want to limit reps for Fletcher, who missed most of the 2009 season to injury, and Al Harris, who is 36 years old and does not need the work as much. Justin King played extensively in the preseason opener, with mixed results.

Bartell hasn't missed many games to injury despite the occasional scare. But with Murphy out, I would expect general manager Billy Devaney to monitor the waiver wire for improved depth at the position.

"I know Billy and I talk about it all the time and you’re always searching to maybe change from a personnel standpoint, but until that changes, we’ve just got to improve the ability in the guys that are out there," coach Steve Spagnuolo said during a conference call Sunday. "I think for the most part they’ve done a good job."