QBR: Warner, Hasselbeck and playoffs

The NFC West discussion on QBR continues upon request.

"I wonder what Kurt Warner's QBR was during the Cardinals' run toward the Super Bowl, and the ridiculous offensive display against the Packers the following year," Facebook friend Kevin wrote.

Others had similar thoughts regarding Matt Hasselbeck's postseason production.

"The crowds are clamoring," Peter wrote, also via Facebook.

Among the findings, courtesy of ESPN Stats & Information:

  • Aaron Rodgers' lights-out performance against the Atlanta Falcons in January last season produced the highest QBR score (97.2 out of an impossible-to-attain 100) during playoff games over the last three seasons. Rodgers completed 31 of 36 passes for 366 yards. He accounted for 18 first downs passing and one more rushing. He had eight third-down conversions and supplemented his three scoring passes with a rushing touchdown. Jon Gruden, who helped shape criteria for QBR, called this one of the two best playoff performances from a quarterback he had seen. Steve Young's six-touchdown Super Bowl against San Diego was the other.

  • Warner's performances against the Packers (2009 season) and Eagles (2008) rank second and third, respectively. Warner had more touchdown passes (five) than incomplete passes (four) against the Packers. He had nearly as many scoring passes (four) as incompletions (seven) against the Eagles. Warner wasn't a scrambler, but he was often at his best in big games, and in big moments of those big games. Even after tossing a killer interception before halftime against Pittsburgh in the Super Bowl, Warner came back with a go-ahead touchdown pass in the final minutes.

  • Hasselbeck's performance against New Orleans in the wild-card round last season, though impressive, did not threaten the top QBR scores. His QBR score was 78.2 for this game. The top six scores were all in the 90s among the 63 qualifying performances (minimum 25 action plays). The 78.2 score was a good score, but none of the quarterbacks with postseason QBR scores in the 90s tossed an interception. Hasselbeck did against New Orleans, on a third-and-1 play in his own territory. Marshawn Lynch gave Seattle the cushion it needed late in the game. Seattle threw no passing touchdowns in the final 18 minutes.

  • Hasselbeck tossed three touchdown passes during a lopsided defeat against Chicago the following week. His stats were good enough to produce a traditional passer rating of 94.3, but the QBR score was only 38.3 because the Seahawks fell behind by a wide margin and never threatened. His scoring passes covered only 2, 3 and 9 yards. Hasselbeck's stats were inconsequential. QBR was not impressed.

  • Jay Cutler's playoff performance for Chicago against Seattle last season made the list thanks in part to his two rushing touchdowns and five overall rushing first downs.

The chart shows the six highest postseason QBR scores since the 2008 season (minimum 25 plays).

2008-2010 QBR: Single-game Playoffs