49ers: Shooting outside Candlestick

Attempts to re-watch NFC West games Saturday night don't seem so significant after receiving this statement from the San Francisco 49ers:

"The San Francisco Police Department is investigating a shooting incident following Saturday's NFL game between the San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Raiders outside Candlestick Park. No other information regarding the incident is available from the 49ers at this time."

That last sentence makes it premature to speculate on a motives even though anyone familiar with the Raiders-49ers rivalry will naturally wonder whether fan tensions were to blame.

Here's hoping the victim recovers and any perpetrators are caught.

Update: Gwen Knapp of the San Francisco Chronicle has lots of details. Turns out there were two victims. The one injured most seriously was wearing a shirt disparaging the 49ers. The suspect was wearing Raiders gear. Not sure what to make of that.